Godox Xpro-F for Fuji

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A new standard for professional control of your lighting is here!

Still featuring everything you know and love of the existing features of the X1T and XT32, combined in one place! PLENTY on new features to make it well worth the upgrade!

  • 2.4 Ghz wireless control across 16 groups and 32 Channels! Control Receivers, Strobes, Flashes, Speedlights, and more, all with the 'X-Wireless' system.
  • 01-99 Wireless ID settings to avoid Signal Interference.
  • TTL, 1/8000 HSS,  Multi-flash, Full Manual Flash, exposure compensation, modeling lamp control (on devices with modelling lamps), use it as a camera shutter trigger, 1/1 - 1/256 power adjustment, etc...
  • New and absolutely delicious and easy to read display with all the easy to access buttons and switches any pro can ask for. Almost no menu-diving!
  • TCM mode.  Takes a TTL shooting value and makes it into a manual value for easy adjustment.
  • Now uses USB-C, firmware upgrades/updates available as new features are released.